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What is a Guided Meditation

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The phrase itself is an explanation of its meaning. If you still find it somewhat vague, and some of you new to Meditation may still find it vague, picture this: a person or a group of people meditating and guided through the process by a professional guide; a person reading a meditation script while you meditate; a cassette or CD you bought or prepared yourself to help you through the mediation process. All of these are examples of a guided meditation. Since one is supposed to acquire a state of deep relaxation during any meditation, guides are a good motivator.

So, what is nice about a guided meditation? Well for one a guided meditation is often cheaper than a private session. Though, these private sessions are considered as guided meditations as well. A guided meditation can make you understand the basics of meditation more clearly. It can help you get rid of all distractions and meditate more effectively. Most of the group guided meditation has particular goals, from physical healing to spiritual-related goals. While guided meditation may be used to achieve healing, the guides are not the healers though. Your naturally healthy state is just being restored through the flow of energy freed by your meditation. A well-trained Guide or Teacher of Meditation can assist you achieving your desired result.

If you think adults are the only ones who need meditations, think again. Meditating will take kids to a place so serene and revitalizing. Meditation will assist children to sleep, focus at school and deal with challenges in their lives. The prepared scripts are very interesting and will mostly assist kids to stay focused on the meditation exercises.

Some guided meditations provide around thirty minutes of relaxing music to calm the mind and body. Many beginner’s meditations are 10-15 minutes to help get you started. A guide’s voice can sometimes be heard over the beat of the music to cue you on what to think of and how to stay more deeply focused. These guided meditations can be practiced alone or with a group.

A guided meditation is perfect for people who are still learning the basics of meditation. While even 5 minutes can seem lengthy for those first timers, it can still provide them with a lot of tips on how to go about acquiring a feeling of deep calmness.

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