Are you the “Powerful Creator of Your own Experience”?

Get ready to be empowered with Soul Realignment for Personal Development.

Soul Realignment

You are the “Powerful Creator of your own Experience” be ready to be empowered with Soul Realignment!!

This is an empowering reading for those of us who are really ready to make changes in our lives, wishing to live our lives in a fuller more abundant way.

We are ready to manifest and create the life we want and are seeking information to assist in the process and give us guidance as to the choices that do and do not align with us.

This reading starts with the journey of your Soul Profile, learning about yourself at Soul Level, and then from there we go into the Soul Realignment section of the reading and start exploring the blocks are restrictions that are currently effecting you, but most importantly it also lets you have a clear understanding of why you are having your current experience and any difference between that and your Divinity or Soul’s purpose.

We all create negativity in our lives through choice we make. Knowing the negative choices, you have made either in this life or previously will help you to make choices that are in line with your Divine Soul which make you feel healthier and create a sense of abundance and fulfilment. Understanding our choices puts us at “free will” to create better choices, that can then allow us to manifest and create the experiences we want to have.

What you will learn about in Soul Realignment and Profiling

  • Your Divine Gifts or energies that you have natural talents for and are abundant in.
  • Discover if your soul embodies male or female energy
  • Discover which planet your soul originally incarnated and the accompanying characteristics that this has given you
  • Find out the Energy Centre which is what your soul is most abundant in.
  • Your Soul Specialisations which is the skill set you have for which you were innately designed.
  • How connected you are to your higher-self and intuition.
  • How many Spirit Guides are in your Inner Circle
  • We learn about Spheres of Protection, our Godspark and White/Blue light Beings who are here to assist us.
  • You will be given a soul story of any past lives that are negatively impacting your current incarnation.
  • All blocks and restrictions that are evident in your life currently are considered and energetically cleared in this reading to
  • ensure you are guided to live your Soul’s purpose.

Soul level blocks can cause problems that present as repeating patterns in our lives and often standard therapeutic approaches have got nowhere with shifting these difficulties.

There are a number of different blocks that are checked for and explained to you in your report for example.

The types of blocks and restrictions we are looking for may include:

  • Soul Contracts
  • Vows Made
  • Negative Astral Travel
  • Soul Facet Loss
  • Attached Entities
  • Packs, Spells and Binding
  • Curses
  • and many more…

The reading looks for any other energy drains such as negative entities (thought forms) attaching to you and ghosts and earthbound spirits that may be around. The reading will consider any unjustified karma that is still with you that has already been processed and no longer needs to be with you, any past contracts or pacts we have made with others which are draining our energies now.

To complete the healing you will be set homework to enable
you to integrate the healing at Soul level.

This must be undertaken for 21 consecutive days after the clearing (this is simply an intention statement that takes 5-10mins of your time daily).

After clearing you can still make negative choices that may require further clearing later in life ” after all if we continue to do what we have always done we will always create the same results”, and further blocks and restrictions may come up at a later stage. The reason for this is that we are unable to clear and target all blocks and restrictions at any one time as your body would go into a healing crisis whereby your physical form would struggle to adapt to the spirit level changes. The Universe will only give us what we can work with right now.

For this reason we have many forms of ongoing coaching and guidance in the Akashic Records that you may wish to choose, after having done your initial Soul Realignment you will feel the changes and be confident to move forward living your Divinity.

Soul Realignment $345

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