Meditation for Weight Management

Natura’s Holistic Weight Loss Program

When you’re done with the fad diets and exercise more–eat less approach to weight loss, and your self-esteem and motivation has taken a dive and you’re really ready to look at weight loss from a completely different perspective and looking for someone to actually assist you in your struggles to achieve weight management, good self-esteem and a positive life direction at Natura we offer a Holistic Positive & Empowering approach to Weight Management. The fact you’re reading this tells us that you are ready to make that change in your life NOW!!

Our Meditation for Weight Management Groups address you as a whole person – being able to address the whole person not just the weight gives you the opportunity to move forward in a positive way, eliminating preconceived ideas, judgements, thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. There are no fad diets at Natura.

Our holistic team can use a variety of modalities to assist you in your journey, our groups are supportive, caring and creative in our use of meditation and weight management education to address all facets of your life whilst we take this journey to a healthier, more energised and more empowered you!! In some of our groups we also indulge ourselves in the wonderful world of equine facilitated assisted learning.

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We also offer self-help courses and online counselling for those who cannot attend at Natura.

Let’s have a look at some of the area’s we will address during our groups………..

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What are the main reasons for experiencing weight management problems?

With all the science & technology we live with in todays fast paced world we are still falling short of eradicating two of the most troublesome issues that support Weight Management Problems

Stress & Anxiety


Studies reveal the effects of stress and anxiety on weight issues and results show a staggering 95% of all weight problems have an emotional cause. This means a persons inability to control their weight has little to do with eating too much or too little, eating the wrong foods or not wanting to exercise. This brings us to cause and effect.

Cause – stress and anxiety
Effect on us – weight management issue

No matter how many food supplements we take, diet pills we pop, crash diets we go on or fitness programs we enrol in.

if we do not change our thoughts and beliefs about our weight and control our stress and anxiety levels we will never overcome our Weight Issues


The first thing that enters our thoughts with the worry of deadlines, home problems, work problems, conflict with spouses, children and work colleagues is the coffee & cake syndrome – it’s the comforting food we rush for to make ourselves feel better, relieve the stress and calm the nerves.


Managing our emotions helps quieten our minds, restore the body and gives us some calm.


Through Meditation we can reprogram our thoughts and belief systems turn off the tap of stress and anxiety supporting us without the coffee and cake syndrome.

Finding the root causes of the issues that originally supported our weight issues can be found and corrected through meditations supporting ourselves with positive affirmation .

I love myself, I love my body it is now healthy and the perfect weight for me

If we believe it – we achieve it.


Having a healthy body and mind is something we cannot achieve separately. Our thoughts have a large influence on how our bodies feel and react. Our bodies are a reflection of our mental and emotion condition.

There are several important things that need to address for a person to maintain a healthy weight permanently.

1. What is our healthy body weight – bmi (body mass index)
2. How to achieve Weight management in a Healthy Way without additional damage to a person’s mental, physical or emotional health, within a healthy time frame.
3. How to keep the result permanently – getting of the weight on weight off roller coaster.


Group Meditations are a great way to obtain support from others on the same journey

Groups start at just $25.00 per week

Your holistic counsellor will help you on a physical and emotional level with information and support for you personalise success plan. Elements will include:

1. Your meditation practice both group and home
2. Setting realistic goals
3. Knowing your ideal weight range
4. Putting your goals in writing
5. Evaluating
6. Holistic counselling –stress and anxiety management
7. Empowering you through your Weight Management to Self Healing
8 .Education on Eating healthier foods and portion control

Book your personal consultation today 60min session $120


Meditation is self- empowering , it’s the journey for a person who is struggling with Weight Management Issues to achieve a healthy body weight, in a healthy way and be able to maintain this on a permanent basis.

Through the development of mind and body together working as one, working with the person’s lifestyle, achievable exercise habits, healthy eating and most of all developing positive, self-empowered and self-appreciating attitudes and eliminating excess stress and anxiety from their lives.