Aura Photography and Energy Readings

Experience the luminous world beyond ordinary sight!

Our cutting-edge technology, creates stunning 3D graphics to visualize aura-chakra-energy.
Our unique system not only displays Aura balance and colour, but also Chakra Strength, power level and chi-energy levels!


Your aura colours are the key to your emotional map, capable of shedding light upon the subtlest imbalances in your energy. Our system delivers the technology that delivers dynamic visualization and data-tracking of your aura readings.
This energy remains invisible to the untrained eye, but now with the Auracloud 3D Aura imaging Camera & Software an aura can appear and be photographed to show the luminous, and brilliant colourful world that surrounds us.



How amazing to see your aura in an actual photograph you can keep forever!

An Aura Photo is a picture of yourself and your energy field at a point in time. Sometimes people like a picture of what the colours in their aura look like.

The colours indicate how people see you, what you are feeling at the moment the photo is taken, and where your guides are leading you towards – for the spiritually inclined.

In fact, lots of people have a photo on a regular basis to check out their energy.


A Chakra Report is a little bit more in depth. If you know a bit about auras and chakras, then perhaps this is the one for you. This Report indicates which chakra if any is congested. It will highlight the key areas in your life you may need to take action on to bring your energy back into balance.

The Chakra Report will give a full reading on the colours within and around your electromagnetic field. The report highlights your main colour type and your personality that flows with that energy. In fact, it is a reading about your social life, relationships, career and health.

  • The Chakra Report is an in-depth reading on the colours in your aura, who you are and what is happening in your life. Anywhere from 14 to 22 pages – that’s a lot of information about YOU!
  • It is like a workbook that has key phrases for you to reflect and work with to bring your energy into balance.
  • It indicates which chakra(s) if any is low in energy and what you need to do to bring your chakra(s) back into balance.
  • It shows which colours are in your electromagnetic field at the moment that you are working with.
  • It shows your main colour type at a point in time, your personality type and how all that affects your life at present.
    The Aura Photo and Chakra Report can be obtained at Natura Holistic Life Centre.


  • Aura Photo: $50
  • Aura Photo and Chakra Report combined: $85


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