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Relationship Readings

This relationship reading is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how a relationship contributes to our own experience. We look to investigate specifically what energetic blocks and restrictions may be negatively affecting you in the areas of relationships.

This reading is not limited to romantic relationships but is suitable for parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends as well as our significant other, all the relationships that deeply impact us on our path.

The outcome of this reading is for both parties to regard each other from a Souls perspective, to know why they have chosen to experience each other, ad to acknowledge and clear blocks and restrictions that may have been affecting the relationship.

From a spiritual perspective a relationship is successful when it teaches us more about who we truly are. However, from an egoic and emotion perspective, we can become very attached to making relationships continue, even when they no longer serve us.

Please note that whilst I can read the Akashic Records for both parties in a relationship such as, current husband/wife, child etc without permission of the other party as much as the relationship involves yourself, I cannot read within a parties Akashic Record who has not given their permission for me to do so.

Through this reading will look at aspects such as

Soul Profiles: giving each party a greater understanding of the other’s gifts and talents and how they perceive and need to do things.

Soul Groups: which can determine the dynamics which may be present within the relationship. Different Soul Groups come from different perspectives and operate very differently in life, we learn this so we can honour this with each other.

Combined History: Have you shared past life history with the other Soul, if so how many lifetimes and in what capacity? Souls working together for the first time will still be getting to know each other at the Level of Higher Self. Its tremendously validating to learn this information.

Shared Karma: When Souls are discovered to have shared Karma its helpful for the relationship to know what that is and how its its playing out now – it can shed a lot of light on the relationship dynamic.

Contacts: Are there contracts presenting between the Souls and if so these can create imbalance. Often we find that one of parties has a contact with another Soul that needs to be cleared.

Life Lessons: Our relationships play a supporting role in our Life Lessons. Knowing what you have come together to experience with each other can allow you to proactively tune into the experiential opportunities.

Blocks and Restrictions: We looks at blocks ad restrictions that are affecting you within the specific relationship (and sometimes this will show as a block or restriction across all your relationships). These blocks and restrictions will often show as the buttons that the other person pushes and so on.

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