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Inner-Beauty shines when we align with our Divine Gifts

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What is Inner-Beauty?

I guess the first thing we think about is about is how we think and feel about issues within our life. If we do not think nice thoughts, we do not shine on the inside therefore our external bodies do not emit good energy and it becomes a chain reaction!! Now whilst this is all well and good it leaves a lot left out. Remember that we are PERFECT just the way we are, our choices, thoughts and feelings are PERFECT for us at that time – that does not mean that they reflect our Soul’s Divine Nature just that they are our choices and whether we choose the Negative choice for ourselves or the Positive it is simply nothing more than OUR CHOICE.

So getting back to Inner Beauty – When we live embracing our Divine Gifts (which are those gifts that our soul has from its origin – we all have them) in a productive and constructive way we emanate this gift and this is our inner beauty – we all have these divine gifts and whilst sometimes we see them as “Characteristic’s” and not “Gifts” they are in fact Divine Gifts.

Let’s look at what these are:

Divine Compassion
This is the energy of nature and compassion. Souls who are centred in this energy are highly compassionate, tolerant and understanding.

Divine Creation:
This is the energy of manifesting and building at the level of the physical, material plane.

Divine Order:
Souls centred in this energy bring in the energies of balance, harmony, beauty, art, law, order, perfection and peace.

Divine Love:
This is the energy of Love and Healing. Souls centred in this energy are innate experts at being in relationship with others and are natural healers.

Divine Self Expression:
This is the energy that is centred in communication, authenticity, the spiritual teacher.

Divine Truth:
Souls centred in this energy help us live and take a stand for our personal, unique truth and help us see ourselves for who we truly are.

Divine Power:
Souls centred in this energy help show us how powerful we are as the Creators of our own Experience. These souls know the difference between power with and power over!!

Divine Wisdom:
Souls centred in this energy bring the inherent wisdom of the Universe into the physical world.

Each Soul possesses each of these gifts but in different percentages. So for those of us who’s Divine gift is Compassion (meaning that out of your soul’s vibrational spectrum of 100% relating to Divine Gifts that Divine Compassion would comprise of 40-50% of that spectrum) then if we foster and nourish this gift within ourselves, it will flourish and with that so do we and our inner beauty will indeed be seen, felt and experienced by other. As we nourish our Divine Gift we are able to manifest and live the life here on earth that we wish to, through aligning ourselves with our true nature.

So look to aligning with your Divine Gift to really shine!! If you are not sure what that is for you – and most us do not recognise our own gifts, at Natura we offer Soul Profiling within the Akashic Records and help you to reconnect to your own Divinity.

Shine On Beloved!!