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Getting to Know Qigong

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The world is full of different energies and energy patterns. If someone knows how to deal with internal and external energies, that person can achieve the balance between the mind, body and spirit. When it comes to Qigong, which is the same thing we are talking about; the balance between the mind, body and spirit. When it comes to the definition of the word Qigong, Qi means the energy or air. Qi actually has a lot more meanings than this, but it is frequently used for discussion about energy and it has more connection with energy. When it comes to the meaning of Gong, it is about the force for achieving results. So, when these two words and combined together, you get ‘energy for achieving results’.

Although Qigong has been originated as one uniform way of healthcare and martial art, the modern world, especially China uses many forms of Qigong. The traditional Chinese medicine and related disciplines use Qigong as a function for prevention. The community of Chinese martial arts considers Qigong as an integral part of it and uses the techniques of Qigong for awaking the mind and body.

When it comes to the activities found in this technique of martial arts, there are four prominent areas such as static, dynamic, the activities require external aid, and meditative. These four areas define this technique of martial are and healthcare system. When it comes to the modern implementations of Qigong, we do not find all the above four areas being included in. This is due to the fact that modern practices or variations of Qigong now focus on different objectives such as simple body exercises and distressing.

When it comes to the mental health, these types of martial art techniques do help people a lot. People get to different types of mental conditions when they live through their daily lives in this fast paced world. Therefore, it is essential for one to follow a technique like to this sustain the mental sanity in order to keep the life balanced. This way of living (yes for some, Qigong is a way of living) emphasizes more on the spiritual side of the human beings and it offers various methods and routines to awake the spirit inside. This technique then affects the other physical functions that we do every day. The creators of this martial art technique have given a lot of thought about it and made Qigong a comprehensive and complete way of living.
Natura’s Qigong course focuses on health and healing. The balancing of yin and yang energy in the body. Thus bringing the whole body, mind and spirit into balance. This force of Qigong is simple to learn, easy to integrate into our everyday lives.

Julie Jenkins
Natura Training Institute.

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