Know and Understand your Child at Soul Level

Child Soul Personality

As conscious parents we are aware of the beautiful powerful Souls are children are. Understanding your Children’s Soul Journey allows you as a parent to better understand and support them. It truly is spiritual parenting and can be a tremendous resource for parents to help guide their children through life.

Find out their energy centres, gifts and talents and their soul specialties and how their origins infuses them with some unique characteristics. Understanding how are Children are made at Soul Level helps us to understand and guide them in a whole new way. Why they do the things they do, how they express themselves, how the function within their energy centres.

Clients who have this reading often have a Relationship Reading for themselves and their Child/Children as well.This serves to look at the dynamics of the relationship between you and them, particularly if you are struggling with child hood behaviours and attitudes, or perhaps just looking at how you both express things differently and how learning to understand this makes life at home ultimately more harmonious, peaceful and serves us to align in the loving relationship that is us and our children.

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