The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a term for what is also known as “The Book of Life” , it is the energetic database of all things that happen on this planet and the life and times of every soul that is or has been incarnated on this planet. It is comparable to the universe’s super computer system and it acts like the central storehouse for every individual who has ever lived. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether. The term Akashic Records is from Hinduism and was incorporated into theosophy meaning a collection of mystical knowledge.

This mystical knowledge is encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.

The Akashic Records store a reservoir of events, every deed, word, choice, feeling, thought and intent that any person has ever had in the history of the world.

It is also believed that the Akashic Records are interactive and they have influence upon everyday life, relationships, feelings and beliefs.

While commonly compared to a super computer system, there is no complex of computer systems and collective databases that can even come close to the memory or recording capacity of the Akashic Records.

They contain the entire history of every soul since the beginning of creation and continue to record on a daily basis. Every thought, every deed and choice is recorded.

The Akashic records mold our very consciousness. They are an unbiased judge and jury, which try to guide, educate and change each individual to become the very best.

Information referring to the Akashic Records can be found in folklore, in myth and throughout the Bible. This Book of Life can be traced as far back as the Semitics and included the Arabs, Assyrians and the Hebrews.

Among these people there was always the belief that there was some sort of celestial tablets in existence that contain the history of mankind and spiritual information.

The Akashic Records are more than an account of data, they also have an ongoing creative stimulus.

Benefits of an Akashic Record Readings

Many people know about Akashic Records in general, but not many know the benefits associated with an Akashic Reading.

Having an Akashic reading, or finding your own way to tap into the Akashic records yourself can be a life altering experience. They can change the persona outlook on life and give a general sense of understanding. Most of us will recognise the information and in that recognition comes the understanding about why we are in our current circumstances and what we need to do to change them or enhance them.

Many people who seek an Akashic reading are looking for answers or are seeking the truth. Others receive a reading in order to receive guidance or to make some sort of life transition. And still others have a reading out of pure curiosity.

The main reason for readings is to provide valuable information that will lead the individual to a better life. Readings can provide important guidance on how to work through problems and can present opportunities for growth. Many also experience clarity to the thought process and are able to sort out difficult life transitions.

Since the Akashic Records hold all knowledge, it is only natural people would want to know about their soul, its origin and their inherent divine gifts. With all knowledge comes the power to change our circumstances. The power to create the life we want using our free will and making choices that are in alignment with our divinity.

Akashic Record Services

Akashic Records Coaching

This is a 6-month programme of working with me, after our initial session we have monthly follow up sessions. For this work it is recommended you have a clear intention of what you are wishing to manifest. This includes Soul Realignment.

Business Coaching

Align the energy in your business to you personally, to create successful and long term results in your business. The serious Entrepreneur will not want to look past this valuable energy work.

Soul Profile

Get to know yourself at Soul Level, who are you really – you already know – perhaps just need clarification or validation about the amazing individual that you really are.

Soul Realignment

Time to find out who you really are and remove the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from living the life you want. Removing negative patterns and align with yourself as the wonderful, gifted Spirit that you are.

Spirit Guide Profile

Get to know your Spirit Guides, they are valuable source of guidance and information to you. Learn to trust your intuition and know when they are communicating with you.

Property Clearing

Is there something uncomfortable in your house, dark corners, unwelcome energies etc. This energetic property clearing will remove any negative energy / entities leaving your home feeling clear, warm and inviting.

Soul Realignment – $345
This reading lets you know who you are at Soul Level but it also lets you have a clear understanding of why you are having your current experience and any difference between that and your Divinity or Soul’s purpose. We all create negativity in our lives through choice. Knowing the negative choices, you have made previously will help you to make choices that are in line with your Soul’s purpose which make you feel healthier and create a sense of abundance and fulfilment. You learn about your Divine Gifts or energies that you have natural talents for and are abundant in. You discover if your soul is male or female, you discover which planet your soul originally incarnated and the accompanying characteristics that this has given you, you will find out your energy centre which is what your soul is most abundant in. You will find out your soul specialisation which is the skill set you have for which you were inately designed. You will find out how connected you are to your higher-self and intuition. You will be given a soul story of any past lives that are negatively impacting your current incarnation. All blocks and restrictions that are evident in your life currently are considered and energetically cleared in this reading to ensure you are guided to live your Soul’s purpose. Soul level blocks can cause problems that present as repeating patterns in our lives and often standard therapeutic approaches have got nowhere with shifting these difficulties.

There are a number of different blocks that are checked for and explained to you in your report for example any past contracts or pacts we have made with others which are draining our energies now. The reading looks for any other energy drains such as negative entities (thought forms) attaching to you and ghosts and earthbound spirits that may be around. The reading will consider any unjustified karma that is still with you that has already been processed and no longer needs to be with you. To complete the healing you will be set homework to enable you to integrate the healing at Soul level. This must be undertaken for 21 consecutive days after the clearing. After clearing you can still make negative choices that may require further clearing later in life and further blocks and restrictions may come up at a later stage. The reason for this is that we are unable to clear and target all blocks and restrictions at any one time as your body would go into a healing crisis whereby your physical form would struggle to adapt to the spirit level changes. If difficulties emerge at a later stage you may consider having a Life Lesson Reading, Life Situation Reading or Relationship Reading as outlined below.

Soul Profile – $145
This reading lets you know who you are at Soul Level. Knowing this will help you to make choices that are in line with your Soul’s purpose which make you feel healthier and create a sense of abundance and fulfilment. You learn about your Divine Gifts or energies that you have natural talents for and are abundant in. You discover if your soul is male or female, you discover which planet your soul originally incarnated and the accompanying characteristics that this has given you, you will find out your energy centre which is what you soul is most abundant in. You will find out your soul specialisation which is the skill set you have for which you were inately designed.

Chakra Analysis – $135
Our Chakra’s are our energy centres within the body and they exist not only at a 3rd dimensional level but also at a 4th dimensional level but also in our emotional and mental energy bodies. Imbalances can be found at any of these levels. Our chakras can be under or over active having too much or too little energy running through them. These are generally caused by lifestyle imbalances. This reading measures the percentage activity levels for each chakra at the levels of the physical, emotional and mental. If you have had a Soul Realignment clearing your Chakra’s will have been balanced but as they are impacted by lifestyle these can quickly become out of balance again. This reading includes a clearing that re-balances your energy centres and provides you with homework to integrate those changes.

Child Soul Personality – $80
Great for parents to understand how to help their children live their Soul Purpose and Characteristics. Particularly recommended for sensitive children. Find out their energy centre gifts and talents and their soul specialties and how their origin defines them.

Spiritual Development Analysis – $135
As you embark on your spiritual path, which if you have been guided to this website are highly likely to be beginning or continuing to explore yourself as Spirit beyond your 3rd dimensional form, it is useful to understand where you are at with connection to your Higher-Self (higher consciousness, intuition) which is the highest vibrational level at which we have awareness of ourselves. Our soul already exists on all dimensional levels and one vibration rate is not better than others. A fourth dimensional vibration rate means you higher self is at the same vibrational level as the ego which usually means that you are unable to distinguish between ego and higher self is identified as ego. Once this has shifted to the 5th dimension there is more awareness of the higher self and self as spirit. This reading allows you to understand your higher-self vibrational rate and what this means for you. Higher is not better as you are where you are meant to be to experience the lessons that you have chosen to have.

Souls have spheres of protection around them to help them make choices that are congruent with their divinity and purpose. They remind us to be in line with who we are. Negative choices made through free will erode the spheres of protection we have. The number you have lets you know how congruent your choices are to your divine self-expression. This reading allows you to know how many spheres you have and see if you wish to make any changes in your life or find out more about your Soul purpose to move closer towards this.

All souls are connected to the Source through their Godspark which is like a golden umbilical cord and comes from the centre of the sternum above the heart centre. This is how we receive vital force energy from Divine Source. If yours is damaged you will have less access to Source energy or your spark may be plugged into other powers that are NOT Divine source such as organisations, religions, corporations. Some people have secondary Godsparks as they make choices requiring extra energetic resources outside of their energy centres. Both primary and secondary Godsparks can show damage. This lets you know the health of your Godspark and if you have a secondary Godspark and where this is attached to.

The more we focus on creating what we want through intention and requesting spiritual help the more white lights we attract around us. These are multidimensional beings that transport our intentions and prayers into the universe. We can have up to 30 white lights and then we attract blue lights which are more powerful multidimensional beings that send intentions faster and louder. This lets you know how many white and blue lights you have so indicates how easy manifestation is likely to be for you at the moment.

A general energetic clearing is conducted with this reading.

Property Clearing – $180
Properties also have their own energetic record. They can accumulate negative energy over the years and attract energy like earthbound spirits, gateways, entities. A visitor to your home can also bring in unwanted energy that remains or objects within the home can cause difficulties. Portalways to other astral planes can also bring in unwanted energy your home may be a burial ground or sacred site.

This reading offers a comprehensive review of what difficulties if any are in your home and this is then energetically cleared. If you are engaged in any kind of energy clearing work, spiritual development activities or have had a Soul Realignment reading you may find that your energy vibration no longer matches that of your property and things just “don’t feel quite right” at home anymore. You will be more sensitive to negativity around you. This may suggest you are out of line and vibrating at a different level to your property. A clearing is helpful here. A property clearing can be undertaken for any area that your energetically own such as a home, rented property, allotment, office space, regular holiday let but not for public areas.