Realigning with ourselves at Soul Level

Creates new choices which creates new circumstances. Life you Best Life – Step into your Divinity Today!!

Akashic Coaching Program

This is the Ultimate Akashic Reading Program for Self Development.

This is a journey that brings you to really knowing who you are and learning how to really take this new found knowledge and put it to work for you. We look at ourselves as the “Divine Creator of our own Experiences” and step into this role. We take responsibility for Everything we create and recognise it as a “Choice” and therefore we make “Choices” that align with our Divine Blueprint and manifesting becomes easier and abundance starts to flow.

This is where you will broaden you mind to the idea that the places you feel stuck in today such as money, relationships, career or health and wellness (or all of the these areas) are directly correlated to the choices you have made in this or past lifetimes!!

This is where awareness becomes consciousness and you realise that all of your experiences to date are the “energetic” consequences of the choices you have made, either consciously or unconsciously.

This will be the day “you take control of your life and your experiences”, you will have opened the door to understanding of energy and take a huge leap forward to profound personal growth and the opportunity to make different choices. It is a choice to step into your Divinity and start making choices that align with yourself at Sou Level.

In this Program I include:

  • Soul Profile Reading
  • Soul Realignment Reading
  • Know Your Spirit Guides Reading
  • Energy Centres Matrix Report
  • 6 x 30mins Follow Up sessions

This package allows me to assist you in integrating your Divinity into your current life situation. We look at all aspects of your life and where you are either aligning or misaligning and we work together to see how you can bring your divinity into your life experience, where we can start to manifest at the physical level the experiences you wish to bring into your life current lifetime.

We do your initial Soul Profile and Realignment Reading, followed by your Know your Spirit Guide Reading, then every fortnight we will schedule a 30min call, where we will continue to build on your new experiences and we explore your Energies Centres Matrix and set further your intentions for what you wish to manifest.

Congratulate yourself in taking this big step into your Divinity and I am honoured to guide you on your Journey!!

Akashic Coaching $1500

(these readings together would normally be $1955)

One single payment $1500 Payment plan

Akashic Coaching Program $1500

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