Advanced Meditation for Self-Development

Are you ready to make significant and lasting positive changes in your life – you already have some knowledge and experience with Meditation and ready to take your life and practice to the next level – this course is for you. During this course we will…

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery,
  • Meditation for Balancing our Chakra’s
  • Positive thinking and stress management
  • Learn advanced breathing techniques
  • Training our brains for instant muscle relaxation
  • Communication skills
  • Self Esteem with Affirmations

Course Curriculum

Week One:

Developing Positive Self Image
Self Image Quiz
Guided Relaxation
Creative Visualisation
Zen Meditation

Week Two:

Communication Skills
Communication Exercise
Guided Relaxation
Creative Visualisation
Communication Meditation

Week Three:

Positive Thinking Skills
Individual Exercise
Guided Relaxation
Creative VisualisationCreative Visualisation
Transcendental Meditation Alternate Nostril Breathing

Week Four:

Stress Management Skills
Stress Quiz – Stress Management Diary
Guided Meditation
Creative Visualisation
Transcendental Meditation

Week Five:

Happiness Survey
Guided Meditation
Creative Visualisation
Concentrative Breath Meditation

Week Six:

Journaling Exercise
The Chakra’s
Guided Relaxation
Creative Visualisation
Chakra Meditation

6 week program 1hr 30mins per Session $250.00