July 2016 - Natura Holistic Life Centre

5 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Energy Supply

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Different governments, officials, environmental agencies exhort us to conserve the energy we use in order to save the environment and sustain our continued existence on the planet. On a personal level I think that we also need to know how to conserve, focus and maximize our own personal supply of energy. We unconsciously dissipate and […]

Natural Remedies For Anxiety And The Nerves

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Is it any surprise that in the hectic lives we lead today, that more and more people are becoming burnt out- both physically and mentally? The incidence of depression, anxiety, and nervous breakdowns has increased significantly, proving that something must be wrong with our way of constant multi-tasking. Now before you get all panicky and […]

Inner-Beauty shines when we align with our Divine Gifts

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What is Inner-Beauty? I guess the first thing we think about is about is how we think and feel about issues within our life. If we do not think nice thoughts, we do not shine on the inside therefore our external bodies do not emit good energy and it becomes a chain reaction!! Now whilst […]