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Do Your Body a Favour Naturally Natural Health Alternatives

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You live a busy, hectic life. There’s never enough time left in the day to do everything you think you need to do. Your job, family and extracurricular activities keep you going at a pace that often can result in over-load, causing your body to very often rebel and simply not work as well as […]

The Facts About Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks

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Anxiety and panic disorders are the most common emotional disorder. It is reported that one out of every 76 people worldwide will experience a panic attack in their lives. Each year around 1/3 of American adults have at least one panic attack while most of these adults never develop repeated panic attacks. Only 21% of […]

Change Is Good If You Don’ T Mind

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There is a saying “the only one who likes to be changed is a baby in a wet diaper”. For the most part that is very true. However, people really do like change they simply resist being changed. This may seem like the same thing but they are quite dramatically different. There are three things […]

High Anxiety is no laughing matter !!

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Mel Brooks entitled, High Anxiety takes a comedic look at the mental health industry and the various approaches taken to treat anxiety disorder. The movie was given two Golden Globe nominations even if it did not do too well at the box office. Brooks, known throughout Hollywood as a comedic genius, deliberately made this movie […]